6 solar desalination units OSMOSUN® shipped for rural Mozambique

28 March 2018

Mozambique received in July 2018, in the Gaza area, 6 OSMOSUN® brackish water units 100% solar and without battery. These 6 units will supply drinking water to respectively 6 remote villages, for a total of 7.200 total inhabitants. This rural water supply program is conducted in partnership with Vergnet Hydro, which will ensure the maintenance and operation of the brackish water desalination equipment, with the support of its local representative.

These units, with a daily capacity of 20 m3 to 30 m3 of potable water production from brackish water, will be fully autonomous thanks to its photovoltaic solar generator. The quality of the water produced will eradicate almost all the waterborne diseases currently occurring in the region.

“This first “rural” solar desalination brackish water units’ installation is a major turning point in the development of Mascara’s innovative technologies” Marc VERGNET

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