Cyclone resistant and highly resilient OSMOSUN® desalination solutions

31 March 2019

The tropical cyclone Joaninha caused devastation on Rodrigues Island at 600 km from Mauritius: Ravaged homes, inundations, damaged electricity grid, blocked roads etc.

The solar desalination unit OSMOSUN® installed in Caverne Bouteille ensured continuous fresh water supply.

The island’s entire population is mobilized to clean, disinfect and repair damaged housings, roads and restore the power grid in order to prevent further outbreaks of diseases and epidemics.

On the very next day following the natural disaster, the resilient device produced yet again safe drinking water for the communities affected by the tropical cyclone.  Mascara’s solar desalination unit and its respective solar generator resisted perfectly to the passage of the cyclone.

The autonomous resilient solar functioning of the OSMOSUN® technology allowed a clean water production recovery immediately after the tropical storm, without power grid.

A second solar desalination unit installed on Rodrigues Island in 2019

The first Indian Ocean seawater desalination equipment already produced 45,000 m3 of drinking water,  since it was commissioned, more than 2,500 inhabitants are thus consuming renewable water every day.

Another solar desalination unit has recently been implemented on Rodrigues Island in order to provide safe water to the hotel resort Les Cocotiers.

These achievements fit perfectly into the Rodrigues Regional Authority’s vision of an environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable desalination .

The OSMOSUN® solar desalination technology demonstrated herewith its worth as guarantor of a drinking water production, in any circumstances.

This unit has been funded by the FFEM, the European Union and the Indian Ocean Commission.

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