Mascara Renewable Water DEMOS project selected by the Investment for the Future Program

5 April 2016

The Investments for the Future program, led by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, is intended to support projects fostering innovation dedicated to implementing the Ecological and Environmental Transition. Mascara Renewable Water have develop the world’s first desalination technology power by solar energy only, it is perfectly in line with that objective.

Mascara Renewable Water enabled has won the call for projects of demonstration units for the ecological and energy transition with its unique technology of solar desalination OSMOSUN®. The solar reverse osmosis seawater desalination (DEMOS) program, established with the European Institute of Membranes (IEM) and SUEZ, will accompany Mascara towards its industrialization.

The IEM, as the research arm of the group, will bring its expertise to increase the lifetimes of reverse osmosis membranes, while SUEZ will bring the utility perspective.
This project involves full-scale testing and expansion of the OSMOSUN® range, a solar desalination solution without batteries and no CO2 emissions in operation, with low-salinity rejections, remotely controllable, robust brine discharges and simple, automatic maintenance for sites with low technical and logistic environments.