OSMOSUN® presented at the Pacific Environmental Conference

14 September 2017

OSMOSUN®: Solar Desalination

The first solar desalination unit OSMOSUN® by Mascara is now operating since spring 2017 in Bora Bora. Mascara Renewable Water’s innovative PV-SWRO desalination technology is proving its cost competitiveness as it is operated by The Polynesienne des Eaux (SUEZ Group subsidiary in French Polynesia).

Multiple local media sources are mentioning the hope for affordable renewable water that solution generates in the remote communities of the Pacific:

Mascara, the French Agency for Development, Bora Bora City Council and SUEZ invite representatives of South Pacific island countries to attend the first Pacific Environmental Conference in Bora Bora so they can witness OSMOSUN®’s unique performances.


A first summit for environmental issues of the Pacific

The Pacific Environmental Conference will be held in BORA BORA on 26, 27, and 28 September 2017. This inaugural event will bring together different environmental stakeholders, including institutions, environmental specialists, representative of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and local communities.

The Pacific countries will discuss the islands’ joint problems, such as providing drinking water, SMART ISLAND technologies, generating value from waste, and project finance.

Bora Bora, which will act as the event’s first host, is an example in terms of ecological water management, especially with the OSMOSUN® unit, and its status as a model for others will be reflected in the environment where Mascara and SUEZ experts share their expertise and experiences in relation to the challenges of sustainable development.

The first Pacific Environmental Conference will be held in Bora Bora on September 26-28.