Solar Desalination to address the water crisis in South Africa

22 May 2018

South Africa and Cape Town Province in particular are suffering from an unprecedented drought for the last four years, leading the region to a massive water crisis and severe water restrictions: a consumption of only 50L of fresh water per day per person is now allowed.
One of Cape Town Province’s reservoir completely dried up: By the end of the dry season in February, the level of the drinkable water from the province’s reservoirs was below 30%
The threat of the “Day Zero”, the day when the taps in the city run dry and people start queuing for water, has been pushed back from August 2018 back to 2019, but remains a looming danger given the dependency of rainfall.
People queuing to access fresh water from public fountains in the city of Cape Town, May 2018


A co-funding South Africa – France for this first solar desalination installation of the region

Mascara Renewable Water and its South African partner Turnkey Water Solution have officially launched during the African Utility Week this first solar desalination project in South Africa. Co-financed by the Cape Town Province Drought Relief Fund and the French Government, this solar desalination project to be installed in the Hessequa Municipality is of strategic importance to address the water need of the local population.

The daily solar powered production capacity of the OSMOSUN® is of 100m3, with the possibility to increase that production to 300m3 by runninf the unit besides sunlight hours through the connection to the local electricity grid. This feature will be used during peak holiday period specifically.

The installation of this first unit will be a full size demonstration of the relevance of solar desalination to sustainably address the water stress of South Africa both for coastal communities through solar seawater desalination and rural communities through brackish water solar desalination.

Witsand Village part of  Hessequa Municipality, where the OSMOSUN® unit will be implemented