Solar desalination, the future of desalination

by | Jan 10, 2018 | News | 0 comments

In a world where fresh water is a wealth that is becoming scarce too quickly, Mascara Renewable Water is playing the card of solar desalination. Our solution OSMOSUN® produces fresh water at a very low energy cost and it is autonomous, without battery and powered only by solar energy. Our 100% solar reverse osmosis system opens the door of access to drinking water for everyone, everywhere.

Operating off-grid and capable of producing from 1 to 600 m3 of fresh water per day, OSMOSUN® has demonstrated its abilities on the Ghantoot site in partnership with Suez as part of the MASDAR project.

Currently 1% of the world’s drinking water comes from desalination but the treated volume increases by 10% each year and already 300 million people are supplied with desalinated water. Therefore, solar desalination is an ultra-strategic market for Mascara, which is currently developing other renewable water projects in Cape Verde, Rodrigues and Tunisia.