Solar Desalination OSMOSUN® in the Pacific

10 August 2017

Several medias in the Southern Pacific (Tahiti Infos and Outremers360) present the advantages of the OSMOSUN® solar desalination unit operating in Bora Bora for the production of fresh water from decentralized and autonomous seawater desalination units.


“70% savings for six months”

The teams of Polynésienne des Eaux, a subsidiary of the global water utility SUEZ, describe the advantages they have gained in operating the OSMOSUN® solution for desalination of seawater: “There is no longer any electricity cost, which represents up to 90% of the operating costs of a conventional desalination plant by reverse osmosis connected to the general network. In the Bora Bora facility, even with depreciation, 70% savings have been made over the last six months” says Heimata CARLE, of the Polynésienne des Eaux. For him, OSMOSUN® would be “ideal for isolated places like the Tuamotu islands and for places where there is strong water pressure as in Bora Bora.” OSMOSUN® technology raises many hopes in the remote Pacific islands. That is why SUEZ invites representatives of South Pacific island countries to attend the first Pacific Environmental Conference in Bora Bora on September 26-28.