Solar desalination OSMOSUN® in Cape Verde

4 April 2018

As part of the call for bids ” Innovation pour l’Accès à l’Energie Hors Réseau” led by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the innovative solar desalination project for the city of Salamansa in Cape Verde was selected among the 91 proposals submitted. Mascara Renewable Water received its award from Nicolas Hulot, the former French Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

«OSMOSUN® is the future of potable water in Cape Verde»

A dream comes true thanks to the financing acquired. Replacing the supply of polluted water with potable water with an innovative, autonomous, clean and sustainable solution (fuel and CO2 free). This solution is four times cheaper that the current one (€1.5/m3 vs €6/m3 today).

This project is the result of 20 years of collaboration with the Cape Verdean company ELSEG led by Mr. Rui Amante Da Rosa (on the right on the above picture).

The drinking water available in Salamansa improves the sanitary conditions as well as the economic and touristic development of the island. This exemplary project may be reproduced on many other islands of Cape Verde, the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

The OSMOSUN® technology is perfectly in line with the 2030 sustainable development goals supported by the former French Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Nicolas Hulot.