Solar Desalination, a solution for the future, starting in 2018

18 January 2018

OSMOSUN®: Renewable and cost competitive desalination

During the International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi on January 16th 2018, Mascara Renewable Water was invited to present the perspectives opened by the unprecedented performances of its innovative solar desalination technology OSMOSUN®.

While Masdar showcased the success of the Renewable Energy Desalination Program launched in 2015, Mascara highlighted the cost competitiveness of solar powered desalination. The year 2017 was marked by the record breaking low price reached by solar plants in the GCC region (below USD 0,02/kwh).

The direct powering of the reverse osmosis desalination unit OSMOSUN® displayed the lowest specific energy consumption per cubic meter produced. Using a photovoltaic solar generator with similarly low prices, offers an outstanding competitiveness for PV-SWRO solar desalination plants.


At the IWS 2018 panel discussion on The Future of Desalination, moderated by Mohammad El Ramahi, Director of Asset Management, Engineering, and Operations of Masdar, alongside Miguel Angel Sanz, President of the International Desalination Alliance, Mascara presented its vision for a cost-effective desalination industry with no environmental impact.